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Welcome to the CorneliOS demo and test page

Test CorneliOS online

Sorry, but the online demos are currently not available.

Please download the code and install to test.
  • Online demo 1 - CorneliOS applications / full screen:demo.cornelios.org/cgi-bin/cora.pl (currently not available)
  • Online demo 2 - CorneliOS Desktop:demo.cornelios.org/cgi-bin/desktop.pl (currently not available)
  • Online demo 3 - CorneliOS Terminal (currently not available)
  • View the CoSCRIPT commands online doc and test suite

Application demos and examples

*) Sites using additional custom code based on the CorneliOS Perl framework specifications. All other sites are purely based on the CorneliOS standard distribution.

Download CorneliOS and see for yourself...

Wish to test CorneliOS on your own server or workstation? Go ahead and download the free GPL edition which offers all features without any limitations. Test it, use it, do with it whatever you want as long as you're respecting the terms of the GPL.

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