CorneliOS Web Desktop & Perl Framework

CorneliOS is an experimental multi-user and cross-browser "Web Desktop Environment", "Web Operating System" or "Web Office". It is also a powerful development framework for web apps and social networking platforms written in Perl.

  • Multi-user web desktop
  • User Manager
  • File Manager
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • DBMS (Database Management System)
  • CorneliOS Perl API (use CorneliOS features in your own software)
  • CIOS Perl API (build powerful social networking platforms)

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latest release is CorneliOS 5.4r3

Release info:

CorneliOS 5.3r13 released
March 13, 2015

The CorneliOS Team is pleased to announce the release of CorneliOS 5.3r13.

CorneliOS is a web based multi-user OS that runs in your web browser. All applications and files are stored on the CorneliOS server and are accessible all the time and anywhere. CorneliOS is platform and browser independent and offers a web application development framework.

CorneliOS 5.3r13 offers a greatly improved CorneliOS Tutorial API and CIOS Publisher ScreenEditor, a new CIOS Logfile API, a new CIOS Auth API replacing the older CorneliOS APIs, a CorneliOS render engine with improved support for custom base URL setups, CorneliOS SQL API with improved ODBC support, a CIOS ToolBox Upload API no longer using remote jquery scripts, new CIOS DB API connection error checking and error message features, a large number of CIOS Web API bugfixes , UI enhancements and access control features, a CIOS Edu API work manager editor now allowing to disable items, CIOS Edu API work manager editor UI enhancements, a CIOS Edu API school manager with document and project support, CorneliOS Web Upload API UI enhancements, an improved system package maker now refusing compilation on fatal errors, a CIOS Edu API allowing to access to more Web API features via the website apps as well as updated system images, language kits and style sheets.

Of course the release also includes the usual bug fixes, code enhancements, minor feature changes and documentation updates.

Special thanks to all of those who help us by downloading, testing and giving us feedback - end users, testers as well as contributors.

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